Carol is knitting her “mismatched plaid” vase shown on the right.  She knitted the simpler pots “freehand” but planned the complex plaid color patterns on graph paper.  Here is the her plan for a similar plaid.  She recorded the knitting pattern in a notebook after the pot was finished.  Here’s her pattern for the mismatched plaid.

The felting was done on a household washing machine, sometimes requiring ten wash cycles to achieve the desired effect.  This was done on a single fill of water by controlling the machine manually.  Two or three were felted at the same time to save labor and water.  Each knitted vessel was enclosed in a zippered pillow case to prevent them from sticking to each other.  Carol lacked the stamina to do the felting so it was done by friends.  Her friend Nancy did most of them.  Here are detailed felting instructions and Nancy’s notes for all her sessions.